about tor[r]entjet

tor[r]entjet was born back at the end of 2005, in the creative womb that was 301 S. Meade St., #206.

but it was almost a year before the first decent track was finished.

Kitty Scratch of Death was calling for abrasive submissions for their first release.

after weeks of toiling over waves of all shapes; molding and mixing them, the sonic brew was finally perfected. it was "bleep".

and it was good.

a couple weeks later, sculptor of words Melanie Farley wrote a piece inspired by the track, and the response to that response is "7.27.06," the first of many cross-media collaborations.

another particularly notable one was "IGLU in Wonderland"- a collaboration, first by the 9 members of IGLU, but also involving three different video artists, as well as an actor, and of course, the audience members.

video clips of the performance will be up here soon.


the audio itself:

everything you hear here was done with some combination of audacity, garageband and max/msp. d.c.2 is the only track here that exclusively consists of field recordings.

if you're curious about anything else, just ask!